Playing to a brand’s strength

Malls are a common sight in Singapore.


Westgate, a 7-story integrated property with a mall and an office block was about to begin operations in Jurong, an area that already had pre-existing malls.


Westgate, however, had a differentiated tenant mix: it carried brands such as Kate Spade and Cos that were typically based in downtown malls. The city’s best had, in fact, come to the west. This formed the basis of how we helped to position Westgate.

An integrated campaign with the tagline ‘The City’s Best, Now At Westgate’ was launched to create awareness of the new mall.

Atomz continued to work with Westgate as its exclusive creative agency on record for the next four years, developing unique and memorable brand campaigns every year.


Besides brand recall, preference and appeal among shoppers and residents, the mall recorded close to 10% increase in mall traffic and average spend year-on-year.

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