The Challenge


SkinSoul is a premium skincare and makeup brand looking to expand regionally. It was time to refresh its branding and review its existing touchpoints in a bid to expand its online presence. In a crowded beauty industry with major beauty brands dominating the market, how can SkinSoul stand out from its competition and appeal to women across the region? 


The Idea


Unless you’re one of the few lucky ones, the search for flawless skin for women (and men!) can be likened to a journey—a tedious, frustrating and lifelong one. Instead of focusing on the relentless search for outer perfection, we propose to capture the ‘soulful’ part in this quest for beauty in line with SkinSoul’s brand positioning as an all-organic, natural company with a focus on holistic wellness. 


With that in mind, we developed a tagline that captures the notion of inner beauty and surfaces the deep contentment that radiates from a soulful wholeness: Come Home To Yourself. 


The Results


A complete overhaul of SkinSoul’s existing Instagram account was done and a brand new Facebook account was created. In addition, we developed a brand story and brand video that was filmed by our joint atomz and carbon team in Phuket, Thailand. Skinsoul’s existing website was also redesigned to be in line with SkinSoul’s new branding identity. In just 8 months, we’ve managed to attract 9,037 followers on Instagram and 24,644 followers on Facebook—proving that good things happen when we succeed in capturing and communicating the core values of the brand.                     

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