National Council of Social Service – Social Service Tribe

Elevating the Social Service Sector & Building a Tribe of Change Makers


With an aging population and other demographic changes in Singapore, the Social Service Sector is set to expand from 15,000 Social Service Professionals (SSPs) today to 19,000 in 2025 to cater to the needs of the nation.


To support talent recruitment and retention for the sector, the Social Service Tribe was established in 2018 under the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), and embarked on a social media campaign to raise awareness of the sector and increase pride and unity amongst SSPs.


To that end, we created and managed a social media plan on Facebook that would run for a year. With an average of 12 posts per month, we circulated engaging and bite-sized material to captivate attention and spark interest in audiences. We also engaged in media buys that allowed niched targeting, ensuring that our content reached our audiences.


To deepen audiences’ understanding of different roles within the sector, we also wrote feature articles that highlighted diverse SSPs and how they made a difference in their own ways.


Our efforts yielded tremendous results within a year, including: 

  • Growing the Social Service Tribe’s Facebook fan page by 5 fold from 3,000 to 15,000

  • Doubling our unique page reach from 500,000 to 915,000

  • Increasing engaged users by 11 fold from 3,000 to 33,000

  • Surpassing the average industry benchmark for post performance by 38.9%

  • Increasing post engagement by 10 fold from 4,500 to 47,600


Additionally, audience understanding was deepened through conversations. From professionals to students to the general public, individuals engaged with the Social Service Tribe’s Facebook page through comments, direct messages and other interactions, reflecting a high engagement rate.


These results are highly reflective of the effectiveness of the campaign, both in capturing and sustaining the interest of audiences over a year. But most importantly, it enabled us to rally, engage and build a Tribe of change makers that will ultimately effect positive change within the society and beyond.

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