National Silver Academy and
Action Plan for Active Ageing

Engaging the silver economy on a national level


With the increasing ageing population in Singapore, it is important that seniors continue to remain active.  


While talking to senior citizens, many said that they felt energised and purposeful when they participate in activities with younger people and contribute towards a cause.


With this insight, we created an integrated campaign for seniors around the message ‘We Feel Young When We Keep Learning’. We launched it through a media approach that was tailored according to their media consumption habits, psychographics and other factors.


Campaign materials included a publication report for the public, a website for the online community and video interviews with senior citizens who have benefited from attending the courses at the National Silver Academy.


Post-campaign surveys showed a significant increase in unique visitors to the official website after the launch of the campaign.


The videos totalled more than 185,000 views on YouTube and the registration uptake for courses has been positive ever since.

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