Godiva Social Media Campaign



The Challenge


Indulgent. Sensual. The stuff of soul-stirring passions, a taste of heaven—we could be calling about love, but isn’t that another word for chocolate? And if you love chocolate, you’ll definitely know Godiva. With over 600 chocolate boutiques in more than 100 countries, It’s no secret that Godiva is a renowned brand famed for its range of premium chocolates.


With Godiva already having an established presence on Instagram and other social media platforms across countries like the United Kingdom, Japan and Malaysia, the time was ripe for Godiva to introduce the brand to the online audience in Singapore.


The Idea and Execution


As the saying goes, “good things must be shared.” Rich and irresistibly indulgent, Godiva chocolates are—undoubtedly—very, very good things. Following that logic, Godiva simply must be shared.


With that in mind, we used a combination of bright colours and playful, tantalising visuals that capture moments for people to #ShareTheIndulgence. After all, chocolates are a delicious happiness, and we want to show our audience just how sweet life can be with Godiva.




In the 8 months that we’ve launched Godiva Singapore’s very own Instagram page, we’ve engaged a total of 8,347 people and have already outperformed our follower target, garnering 1,501 followers to date with the numbers still steadily climbing. What can we say? People are nuts for Godiva chocolates.

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